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When to Seek Help

When Should You Go See a Health or Mental Health Providers?


  • Feeling very sad, worried, helpless, anxious, or irritable
  • These feelings do not go away in a couple of weeks or they get worse
  • These feelings are making it hard for you to do every day things, like feed the cat, take a shower, or drive to the store, or clean the kitchen
  • You find yourself not wanting, or being unable, to take care of your baby
  • You have odd, intrusive, or scary thoughts
  • You have thoughts of harming yourself and/or the baby

Call and ask for help. There are professionals who want to help and


Talk to a health or mental health provider NOW. In Riverside County, call (951) 358-5328 for a free assessment and referral to a free local support group in either English or Spanish county-wide. Contact IEPMHC or Postpartum Support International for referrals to more treatment and support programs in your area.

You may be embarrassed or unwilling to admit it, but you are helping yourself and your baby by seeking help. DO NOT WAIT AND HOPE FOR IMPROVEMENT. You could have postpartum psychosis which puts both you and your baby at risk for life-threatening thoughts and/or behaviors.

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