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New Depression Screening is Now Going to Include Postpartum

Wednesday, 5/25/2016

An article released in January 2016 has stated the US Preventive Services Task Force has now included screening for pregnany and postpartum women along with updating screening for adults 18 years and older.  The implementation of screening for pregnant and postpartum women has been long overdue and will assist in treating women as soon as possible if they do face postpartum depression.

Pregnancy May Reduce PTSD in At-Risk Women

Tuesday, 2/16/2016

The University of Michigan Medical School and School of Nursing team conducted a study that reveals pregnancy may reduce PTSD symptoms in at-risk women.  However, while the study did show a decrease in symptoms, the study also found PTSD symptoms could become worse as the pregnancy progresses and could lead to inability to bond with the child and run a higher risk of postpartum depression.

ABC's "The View" discusses: Screening of PPD before or after pregnancy?

Tuesday, 2/9/2016

ABC's "The View" discussed on their Hot Topic segment on postpartum depression and whether women should be screened before or after pregnancy. Their guest speaker offered some great insight as she personally dealt with PPD. The other co-hosts offered some of their perspectives and how they too dealt with PPD.  Click on the link to view the segment

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