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Fear of childbirth linked to postparftum depression, study finds

Wednesday, 1/15/2014

An article published in the Los Angeles Times wrote that among expectant mothers remains the greatest single risk factor for postpartum depression, a new study finds that fear of childbirth may also predispose some women to the condition. Researchers concluded that fear of childbirth increases the risk of postpartum depression about threefold in women without a history, and fivefold in women with known depressive symptoms. "Two-thirds of all cases occurred in women with a history of depresssive symptoms before or during pregnancy" wrote lead study author Sari Raisanen, an epidemiologist and visitng scholar at Emory Univeristy.


Local Woman Shares Battle with Postpartum Depression

Monday, 12/2/2013

Sarah Schwartz is a survivor. She struggled with bouts of depression before she got pregnant and then experienced anxiety during her pregnancy. Being a mom should be an exciting time for both mother and baby; however, it is often overwhelming and complicated. Sarah felt having her son, Health was the best thing that had ever happened to her. The feeling did not last. Sarah says the very day she brought Health home from the hospital was when the feelings and thoughts started to happen. She was a first time mom and type A personality. Sarah knows it was postpartum depression that she struggled with. "And when you are in it, when you are in the throes of it, you cannot see a way out. All you can see is, Oh my god, what have I done." - Sarah
Sarah Schwartz shares her story because she has worked in mental health for over 20 years as a social worker at a nonprofit called Mental Health America of Georgia. She claims that she was so sick that despite her knowledge of the illness, she still didn't recognize herself as being sick. She understood for the first time in her life why people commit suicide. Although she never got to that point, she got close. She found a website called that shares stories of women just like her who share their feelings, thoughts, and stories with others who are able to identify with the illness.

Stress Management Classes

Monday, 11/25/2013

Are you stressed and dont know what to do?? Stress reducing techniques and ways to efficiently increase your self esteem are taught in the stress management classes that are being offered in the beginning of January 2014 on Wednesdays from 5:00-6:00pm at the IFCHC Community Center located at 665 North "D" Street in the city of San Bernardino. For more information, please call Cristina Gomez at (909) 881-6146 ext. 225.The cost of each session is based on a sliding scale.

Kaiser Grant for free mental health services

Monday, 11/25/2013

If you have had a baby in the last 18 months, are a resident of Western Riverside County, are not feeling as connected to your baby as you think you should, and feel like you are walking on eggshells because you or your partner is more irritable since becoming pregnant or having a baby then you qualify for free mental health services. Through funding from the Kaiser Community Foundation, The Wylie Center is able to provide up to 20 weeks of free mental health treatment services for men and women, including individual and couples therapy. You are not alone... Treatment works!


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