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May 2013

National 2020 Mom Project Campaign Launches to Address Postpartum Depression by 2020

Monday, 5/20/2013

The California Maternal Mental Health Collaborative (, a non-profit organization committed to increasing and improving maternal mental health awareness, diagnosis and treatment, is launching its national campaign, the 2020 Mom Project (, to bring screening and treatment for maternal mental health disorders by the year 2020.


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Your Smartphone Just Diagnosed You with Postpartum Depression

Wednesday, 5/8/2013

According to your viewpoint Twiter and soical media can be either a useful source for information or a nuisance. Researchers are investing whether the microblogging service could serve another, more scientific function—to spot signs of postpartum depression in new mothers based on changes in how and what they tweet.

"A New State of Mind: Ending the Stigma of Mental Illness"

Wednesday, 5/8/2013






This documentary  tells the stories of everyday people facing mental health challenges.The local preview screening is scheduled for May 20, 2013 at 6:30 p.m. at KVCR-TV's studio in San Bernardino. This behind-the-headlines look at mental illness premieres statewide on PBS. See your local listings for all dates/times.

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