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October 2012

USA Today talks about antidepressants and pregnancy

Wednesday, 10/31/2012

The recent article in USA Today (10/31/12, Weintraub) reported that a review published in the Journal of Human Reproduction questioned the assumption that depression is bad for a fetus, and concludes that antidepressants often confer more risk than benefit. Although this article was written based on the author's clinical opinions, it was not substantiated by a published research study, nor were the authors' specialists in the risks and benefits of medication use during the perinatal phase.  It's our experience that articles like this impact woman and their families by creating fear and anxiety about treatment options, therefore leaving these women at risk for abruptly discontinuing medication or not seeking the care they need. PSI looks forward to further research being disseminated to educate and inform the public about perinatal mood disorders, hopefully reducing stigma about treatment options.


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